Beauty should be fun, creative, and personal. LaDonna can create a personalized look for any occasion that will have you turning heads. This portfolio features some of her highly esteemed hair and makeup looks.

It also showcases her range and aptitude as an artist. Though LaDonna is well versed with the latest beauty trends, she prefers creating timeless and chic looks on her clients. Her pinup and vintage work is absolutely her pride and joy.

LaDonna loves making her clients feel great in their own skin by highlighting their favorite features and showing them their own unique beauty.


Editorial looks are sleek and heavily styled. They require precision, attentiveness, and a highly creative mind like LaDonna’s. Hair and makeup styling helps to craft a narrative and trigger excitement about the product or brand being sold. Whether it’s pinup beauty, modern minimalism, or avant-garde, LaDonna can execute the most stylish look for any shoot.

LaDonna’s thoughtful and alluring looks have made the covers of numerous magazines and print advertisements around the country. Prominent entities such as ON Magazine and Victoria’s Secret have hired her for her hair and makeup expertise.

LaDonna’s education in theatrical makeup and her keenness for vintage charm unmistakably make her a wealth of creativity in the editorial realm.


The application of bridal hair and makeup is a talent of LaDonna’s that she has spent many years perfecting. She is all about creating long lasting looks that will bring your wedding vision to life.

Unlike some other artists, LaDonna is very attentive to her bridal clients, and she revels in the finer details. She takes skincare, skin type, scheduling, personal style, and persona into consideration when choosing the best products and techniques. She is able to provide a variety of looks from sweet and subtle to sassy and colorful.

Looking great on your big day is easy when you work with LaDonna. She will have you glowing as you stride down the aisle.