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LaDonna Stein offers professional beauty services that have been wowing her clients in the Dallas area and beyond for years. LaDonna is the resident hair and makeup artist at Dallas Pin Up Shop, and she specializes in vintage glamour. She is excellent at creating dramatic transformations and showing people their own unique beauty.

While LaDonna’s signature style may usually be pinup, her talents don’t end there. She is a versatile artist, educated by Diane Dick Modeling Agency, University of North Texas, and MAC Cosmetics. LaDonna helps highlight her clients’ best features and she does this with poise and devotion.

Beauty standards are always evolving. As we’ve seen, smokey blue eyeshadow paired with a bold red lip has lost its 80s trendiness. Next year, the newest styles such as fluffy brows and puppy eyeliner might be a thing of the past. LaDonna is always up to date with what’s popular and up-and-coming. She knows that not every craze is a winner, though, and sometimes it’s better to go the traditional route. LaDonna is passionate about doing timeless and chic hair and makeup that you won’t regret as the world of beauty changes.

It’s been said that the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. LaDonna loves making her clients feel great in their own skin. If you are looking for a fun and professional hair and makeup artist who will bring out the best in you, end your search with LaDonna Stein.