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LaDonna adores collaborating with brides in preparation for the big day! She has worked on a multitude of bridal hair and makeup looks ranging from soft and minimalist to bright and bold styles. Whatever your dream wedding look may be, LaDonna can make it reality.

Appointing a hair and makeup artist for your wedding could seem like an unnecessary added expense, but the job of an artist isn’t just to style you up and then hit the road! A genuine professional like LaDonna will work with you one-on-one to be sure your look is precisely as you envisioned. In truth, hiring a wedding hair and makeup artist can be a huge relief for brides, allowing them to concentrate on having fun rather than how they look. The brides LaDonna has served have been extremely delighted to know they are in good hands. Her presence and expertise are well worth having on your wedding day.

LaDonna makes the time and effort to get to know exactly what you like and don’t like when it comes to styling. She accentuates her brides’ favorite features and works around their needs. There are so many factors that help LaDonna decide how she can best serve you. She takes skincare, skin type, scheduling, personal style, and persona into consideration when choosing the products and techniques to be used.

LaDonna will make sure your bridal hair and makeup look not only suits you in person, but also in your wedding photos that you’ll want to share year after year. She is all about boosting or paralleling a bride’s confidence so they can look stunning, feel incredible, and make beautiful matrimonial memories.