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LaDonna’s proficiency as a makeup artist and hairdresser is greatly illustrated by her edgy and enchanting editorial portfolio. From pinup beauty to modern minimalism, LaDonna can execute the most stylish look for any shoot.

An editorial beauty shoot requires the collaboration of several artistic minds working in tandem to achieve a shared creative concept. No editorial shoot can happen without the talent and expertise of a hair and makeup artist. Hair and makeup styling helps to craft a narrative and provoke interest in the product or brand being sold. Editorial makeup can be applied using various techniques, but it is traditionally sleek and lustrous in nature. Contouring is commonly emphasized to ensure the camera captures the dimensionality of the model’s face.

A hair and makeup artist like LaDonna can save editors a ton of time when it comes to retouching photos for advertisements. This is because she pays special attention to all the finer details, making sure there’s only a hair out of place if the creative strategy calls for it.

LaDonna’s bold and alluring looks have graced the covers of numerous magazines and print advertisements around the country. She has worked with notable entities such as ON Magazine and Victoria’s Secret. LaDonna’s understanding of avant-garde style and her keenness for vintage charm make her highly proficient in the editorial sphere. Visual storytelling and design precision are two of LaDonna’s biggest strengths. She finds it incredibly rewarding to partner with photographers and bring a creative vision to life. Seeing her professional hair and makeup prowess illuminated in ad campaigns makes a LaDonna proud to be a part of the editorial realm.